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Providing peace for your journey. Welcome to Pax Renewal Center, a faith-based team of seasoned, professional counselors that focus on the journey of the individual and family, helping to guide them through life’s challenges with a lifelong plan of peace and continued growth.

Pax Renewal Center

Marriage Services

Even the happiest of marriages have challenges, but for many the day-to-day wear and tear of life can put a strain on what used to be a strong relationship. Counseling helps to build communication and trust – reminding you of why and how you came together in the first place.

Pax Renewal Center

Individual Services

Past life experiences and the constant demands of today’s society can make living feel like a chore. Finding faith-based help can bring the joy back into living, helping to improve your relationships and how you view the world each and every day.

Pax Renewal Center

Child & Teen Services

Social media. Peer Pressure. Bullying. Children, teens, and parents have to navigate obstacles to happiness every day. Our counselors can provide the tools and resources necessary to build your family’s future on a rock-solid foundation.

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